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Not Just A Simple Database Lookup

What we do is not just a simple database lookup.

If we can't find a name in a specific country, we do a global lookup.

If we can't find a name in a global lookup, we perform several normalizations on the name to fix typos and cover all spelling variants.

We've implemented a multi-layer technology to provide the best results possible.

With the power of AI we add more names and accuracy every day to our platform.

About Our Company

With millions of API calls per month, Gender-API.com is the biggest platform on the internet to determine gender by a first name, a full name or an email address.

Founded in Munich in 2014 by Markus Perl, Gender-API.com was a success story right from the beginning.

Markus was a co-founder of the German social network for the generation 50+, wize.life and also develops the PHP tracing tool php-strace.

Markus Perl

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