Easily Genderize Excel And CSV Files

Genderize CSV File
Genderize Excel File

Upload Any Excel Or CSV File

You can upload Excel files with up to 300,000 rows. For larger datasets, please use our CSV file upload. We support .xlsx files with a single sheet. If you upload a file with more than one sheet, only the first will be processed. The first row in your sheet must contain the column names. The file must contain at least one column with first names, the country column is optional. Download sample file here. Example:
Excel Example

If we can't find a name in a specific country, we do a global lookup.

If we can't find a name in a global lookup, we perform several normalizations on the name to fix typos and cover all spelling variants.

We've implemented a multi-layer technology to provide the best results possible.

With the power of AI we add more names and accuracy every day to our platform.

Upload The File In Your Account

If you don't have a Gender-API.com account yet, please create a free one here:

In your account, you can choose to either upload an Excel or a CSV file. No matter what you choose, the assistant and all further steps will be the same.

Gender XLSX File

Download The Enriched File

After the file got processed you can download the enriched version of your file. We added the columns ga_firstname, ga_gender, ga_accuracy and ga_samples.

Gender CSV File

The column ga_firstname contains the name we used for the lookup. This value can be sometimes be different from the provided first name. For example, if the given first name is a username with numbers, we try to extract a name from it.

ga_gender contains the determined gender and ga_accuracy shows you the probability of how sure we are that this result is correct.

With ga_samples we give you an insight on how many records we have analyzed to determine the probability.

We also offer a native Microsoft Excel add-on

If you want to add gender information to your sheets directly in Excel, try our native extension.