Author: Markus Perl


DPA Update
new names

At Gender-API, our mission is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive gender identification service possible. That's why we're excited to announce that we've added over 26,000 new names to our database in the last 3 months.

Our team of have been working tirelessly to scour sources from around the world and expand our name knowledge base. This major expansion means we can now accurately determine the gender of over 6 million unique first names across 190 supported countries.

Expanding our name data is a critical part of our ongoing efforts to improve the accuracy and coverage of our gender API," said Markus Perl, CEO at "The more names we have in our system, the better we can understand the nuances and regional differences in how names are used.

  1. Increased coverage of names from Asia-Pacific countries like Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.
  2. Better representation of gender-neutral names and names that vary in usage across cultures.
  3. More data on emerging naming trends and how they differ across age groups and demographics.

These improvements mean our users can have an even higher degree of confidence in the gender predictions returned by the Gender-API. Whether you're building a new app, analyzing marketing data, or just curious about a particular name, you can trust that our API is powered by the most comprehensive name database available.

"We're committed to continually enhancing and expanding Gender-API to meet the evolving needs of our users," added Perl. "This is just the start - you can look forward to many more updates and improvements in the months and years ahead."

To start using Gender-API for your own projects, sign up for a free account at And stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing efforts to make gender identification faster, smarter, and more accurate than ever before.