Author: Markus Perl

Integrating an Optimizely email campaign with

Are you looking to enhance your email campaigns with personalized content? Integrating with your Optimizely campaign through Zapier can help you achieve just that!

With this integration, every time a new customer is found in an Optimizely campaign, Zapier will trigger a workflow to fetch the gender for the new customer by their first name from This will then enrich the existing record and enable you to personalize your email content even further.

Create an account with and obtain your API key. Set up a Zapier account and create a new Zap. Choose Optimizely as the trigger app and select "Get Recipients". Connect your Optimizely account and select the email campaign you want to integrate. Set up a action and select "Get Gender by a First Name" as the action event. Select the first name from the Optimizely campaign as the input and provide your API key. Add the action "Update a Recipient in Optimizely Campaign" to update the existing contact with the enriched information. Save and test your Zap.

And that's it! With this integration, you can now easily personalize your email campaigns based on the gender information fetched from