You can also query a gender using an email address containing a first name:

Required Credits: 1
Without country code
GET https://gender-api.com/get?email=markus.johnson@gmail.com&key=<your api key>
With country code
GET https://gender-api.com/get?email=jack.meyer@gmail.com&country=US&key=<your api key>
Field Type Description
name String Name to query
email String Email address
key String Your API Key
Without country code
With country code
Field Type Description
email String The submitted email address
last_name String The last name found
first_name String The first name found
mail_provider String Name of the email provider
name String First Name found in lowercase
name_sanitized String The name after we applied our normalizer to it
country String Submitted country code
gender String Possible values: male, female, unknown
samples Integer Number of records found in our database which match your request
accuracy Integer This value determines the reliability of our database. A value of 100 means that the results on your gender request are 100% accurate
duration String Time the server needed to process the request
credits_used Integer The amount of credits used for this query


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