Sometimes it is necessary to fetch multiple names with one query:

Required Credits: 1 credit for each name
Without country code
GET https://gender-api.com/get?name=lisa;jess;thomas&multi=true&key=<your api key>
With country code
GET https://gender-api.com/get?name=anna;jack;stephen&country=DE;US;CA&multi=true&key=<your api key>
Field Type Description
name String Semicolon separated list of names to query
country String Semicolon separated list of country codes. The country codes must be in the same order as the names. If only one country code is provided this code will be used for all names.
multi Boolean (true|false) Tells the API to return the result as an array
key String Your API Key
Without country code
With country code
Field Type Description
name String Submitted names in lower case. The maximum number of names is limited to 100.
result Array See response under "Simple Usage"
country String Submitted list of country codes
duration String Time the server needed to process the request
credits_used Integer The amount of credits used for this query


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