Genderize Names in Zapier

Genderizing a name is now more accessible than ever. Easily integrate our service into your Zapier workflow. Zapier allows end-users to integrate the web applications they use. They offer an easy solution to combine multiple apps and APIs into a single workflow.

Conditionally run

With in your Zapier workflow, you can build conditional runs based on the result of our API. With Paths you can have one automatic workflow carry out different tasks, depending on the data our service provides.

Only if

You can use "only if" paths to continue only if the gender matches a specific condition. Filters allow Zaps in Zapier to only perform actions on the items you want. Filters help you to set a specific condition, and the Zap will only continue if the data from our integration meets that condition.

Get a marketing advantage

Query up to 500 names for free every month. Enhance your marketing power by a better personalization of your mails and messages. Join our beta program now.



Within the last months our team has worked very hard, to put a big update together.

To provide you a better user experience we've upgraded the API as well as the entire web page.

We put a list together to give you an overview of the new features.

Improved CSV and Excel upload

We've made several adjustments to our CSV and Excel upload to improve results under rare edge cases. Also, the assistant now scales better on devices with a smaller screen like tablets and smartphones.

Completely rewritten usage statistic

We've rewritten the usage statistic in your account. The widget now also better scales on tablets and smartphones and gives you a faster overview of the spent requests.

All new authentication token manager

The token manager in your account now works more intuitively and has been better integrated into the existing system. You can generate different keys to access the for different projects. This keys can also be deleted at any time.

Fully redesigned list of recently processed files

The list of processed Excel and CSV files in your account got a full redesign and is now much more responsive. You can now see if a file is still being processed and download or delete your files here at any time.

Improved dark mode

You can choose to use a dark mode on more and more browsers and devices. The website supported the browsers dark mode flag from the beginning. We're making continuous improvements here to make this experience even better. Also, we've replaced our contact form with a completely rewritten one. The widget now better supports the dark mode browser setting.

Thanks to all our customers to make this possible. Stay safe.


Dividend policy and investor pressure

The paper was published in the Economic Modelling journal by Ciaran Driver, Anna Grosman and Pasquale Scaramozzino from the School of Finance and Management, SOAS, University of London and School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University.


The economics of dividend policy has focused on the single tight narrative that dividends keep managers honest, mitigating concerns that they over-invest. This article provides a critique of that agency narrative, arguing that pressure from short-term focused investors, executives and board members pushes the firm into preemptive actions of returning too much cash via dividends. is gratefully acknowledged

We are also grateful to Markus Perl, CTO of, for giving us access to the gender identifying database.

We're here to support you

We're always happy to help students, universities, charities and non-profit organizations with their research. Feel free to contact us, in order to discuss how we can help you with your project. With you can genderize large datasets in different formats with up to 10.000.000 records.


Genderize Names REST JSON

If you're an advanced user with a high request volume, you can switch to our new API V2.0 endpoint. The unified API offers way more speed and a more robust interface when querying multiple names in a single request.

Query up to 100 names in a single request

You can query up to 100 names in a single request and you can even mix the input data. For example, one name can be submitted with a country code, whereas another name can be submitted without a country code - all in a single query.

Up to 200 times faster

We developed this new endpoint with a handfull of our biggest customers to met their requirements in speed, stability and scaling. Compared to requests querying a single name only, this API endpoint is up to 200 times faster.

More secure

You can now generate unique authentication tokens for all your projects. These tokens can be revoked at any time if necessary. You can manage your authentication tokens here.

Take a test drive

To give you an idea of how easy it is to communicate with this JSON API endpoint, you can find an example on will connect to your account and give you a basic example of how the input data looks like and what the response will be.

Test live with

Query a single name


Query multiple names

[{"first_name":"Sandra"}, {"first_name":"Mike", "country":"US"}]

Wasn't that easy? We just added square brackets around the two name objects and this tells our API "please also return the result as an array". You can query up to 100 names in a single REST API call.

You can also mix up gender queries for email addresses and for name. Genderizing an email address is as simple as genderizing a first name. Simply add an email field to the request JSON instead of a first_name field. The technology behind determining the gender of an email address is much mor difficult, though. Different processing algorithms work together to give you the best results possible.


Is the existing V1.0 API deprecated now?

No, V1.0 delivers a very easy to integrate interface while V2.0 better suites customers with a large request volume need. Both will be developed and maintained equally.

View the API docs

We hope we were able to give you a short overview and a quick introduction to our new Genderize API. You can find all the technical information, advanced functions und examples in our API docs section. If you have some questions feel free to contact our team.

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